I’ll unite everyone to beat the Tories

Winning back Thanet for Labour is a big task, but together we can do it.

Why I'm Standing

With so much injustice in the world, I can’t sit idly by – I take action.

The next election is our chance to end the austerity, chaos and mismanagement of the last 13 years. But if we want a better Thanet, we need a Labour government, and we need to elect a Labour MP right here in East Thanet. It’s a big task but together we can do it.

Whether born or drawn here, people love this place, and rightly so — it has so much going for it; its landscape, its history and above all its people. But Thanet has borne the brunt of rapid change and Tory neglect. Our NHS is on life support, with people struggling to get a GP appointment or register for a dentist. Spiralling house prices and unregulated AirBnB. Our seas and rivers polluted for profit. Now with inflation and interest rates affecting family finances, many are struggling more than ever. It doesn’t have to be like this.

That’s why we need a Labour government.

One that will bring down our bills, paid for by a windfall tax on the oil and gas giants.

One that will end the shortage of nurses and doctors by doubling the number of medical school places.

One that will make our streets safer, hiring more police officers in Thanet, paid for by cutting the Tories’ wasteful spending.

 And one that will ensure we have a stronger economy with good jobs powered by cleaner, cheaper energy

As your Labour candidate and MP, I’ll work for everyone, bringing together the whole community. If you believe that Thanet deserves better, join us.

I'll unite everyone to
beat the Tories


Mutual Aid in the pandemic

When Covid struck, our most vulnerable residents were isolated and many others were keen to help. I set up a Mutual Aid group with residents and a foodbank to support people who needed it.


Tell The Tories

Clean up Thanet's water - and the industry!

My priorities for
East Thanet

The Tories have a shocking record of failure here in Thanet and people here are paying the price of mismanagement and incompetence. I will bring all of my experience and energy to the job of being your MP, uniting the community and bringing national resources and attention to this brilliant place. I will be a strong voice for Thanet in Westminster.

Thanet is buzzing with energy and goodwill, with people determined to help each other and make a better Thanet. From food banks to night shelters, small businesses to bursaries, I will listen and work with people to find solutions to our challenges

Thanet is already part of the future economy, with clean energy being generated here to power nearly a quarter of a million homes. But we can do more to create jobs, skill up our workforce and keep bills down. I will work closely with residents, and businesses to build a green economy with people and fairness at its heart.

We desperately need more doctors and nurses in Thanet which is why Labour will double the number of medical school places, paid for by abolishing the non-dom tax status. And to get the NHS off its knees NOW, Labour will get the NHS working around the clock to clear the backlog. Staff will be able to earn more for weekend and evening shifts, and local hospitals will work together, so the NHS can provide an extra 2 million operations, scans, and appointments in a year.

Our water industry is a scandal: it’s threatening our health and our natural resources. I will fight to force the companies to clean up or face prison sentences.

All markets need regulation and holiday lets are no different. The impact on communities can be severe, reducing the availability of rented homes, and adding strain to local amenities. I will campaign for greater regulation of Airbnb and similar platforms that bypass licensing that hotels are obliged to abide by.

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Please donate to help us ensure that bereaved families’ voices are heard.

Donations doubled until May 28: https://t.co/cfc49QVF8N

#Kind2Mind #StopGamblingSuicides

If you know of an accident black spot in Ramsgate, Broadstairs or Margate that would be made safer by traffic calming measures, fill in my survey. https://shorturl.at/E787q

We're cancelling the headline-chasing Rwanda gimmick because it's unaffordable, unworkable & unlawful.

Instead Labour will deliver a new Border Security Command.

We'll also end asylum hotel use - & create a new Returns Unit to speed up removals of those with... no right to be here

At #vikingbay this morning with @surfersagainstsewage and Thanet residents for the #bigpaddleout protesting the filthy state of our water rivers and seas. It’s bad for our health and economy as well as our environment.

So many people turning to @uklabour - they know the #firststeps @KeirStarmer outlined this week are essential to restoring our country and creating a better future for everyone.

So many people turning to @UKLabour and they see the #firststeps as essential to restoring our country and ensuring we have a better future.